Profitable Facebook Ads with Gosia Potoczna – Helping Online Course Creators Make a Sale Every Single Day

Do you have an online course... but you're having a hard time selling it?

You've tried it all...

Facebook posts, Insta stories, posting in groups, outreach...
Maybe even ads, funnels, challenges or webinars...

Yeah, it got you some sales, but it's such an exhausting and underpaid job!

Plus, you hate feeling like you're begging for every single sale.
Or worse... having to use some sleazy, icky sales tactics make you vomit each time you think "marketing".

And you find yourself thinking...

"Is my course idea crap?"
"Does it even make sense to go on like that?"
"Is it time to give up?"


There's a 98% chance that the problem isn't your COURSE... but your OFFER.

In fact, I would bet my right hand that your course is great
It just might be that your offer sucks (bear with me a sec!)

I've seen a lot of powerful, lifechanging & ninja-stuff courses "packaged" in such a way that 
the most excited feedback they got on the offer was "Nah."

Look, this is not your fault. 

Nobody shows you exactly how the buyer psychology works 
when it comes to online offers (well, not until now!)

Offer Persuasion Audits
Where you let me dissect your offer 
and I tell you exactly what needs to be fixed 
so that your online course
can sell like coconuts!

without using any icky & salesy tactics
that leave a bad taste in your mouth

Click the button to sign up for FREE and get a chance for your offer to be audited (spaces limited):
It's 100% FREE and 0% BS.
We go live Thursday, June 9th
  • STEP 1: Sign up for the Summer Persuasion Audit using the blue button above
  • STEP 2: Fill in your application form (I'll send you an email with the link once you sign up)
  • STEP 3: Show up for the live event and wait in excitement - it might be your offer that I'll pick to audit!

We go live Thursday, June 9th 2022 

Click the button to sign up for FREE and get a chance for your offer to be audited (spaces limited):

hI! i aM gOSIA pOTOCZNA...

...and I help online course creators to scale their cash flows with Facebook ads while having more fun and freedom. 

I'm not your typical ads geek, talking tech-mumbo-jumbo and making things complicated. I speak your language and I love making things easy and joyful while bringing nice profits

In the past 12 months, I've managed over $400,000 in ad spend, working with online course creators and helping them to make at least $2 back for every $1 spent on ads or to 5x their income. All by creating meaningful relationships with potential customers on autopilot, selling online courses and filling their group programs.

I believe that real value and relationships are more important (and create a better ROI) than any hypey claims, FOMO and shady, short-term tactics. Our wellbeing and joy make the strategies and business models work for us.

Working with me, you not only get access to 20+ years of my digital marketing experience with a variety of industries, including Fortune500 companies, top national brands, as well as personal brands and family businesses... but also everything that I've learned from the top 1% of world's digital marketers like Neil Patel, Cat Howell, Depesh Mandalia or Shawn Twing.


Sounds daunting? I've got your back!

Imagine all that experience squeezed into a yummy nutrition bar that you can unpack and savor on-the-go, feeling unstoppable. You'll get exactly what you need to fuel your momentum.

Zero overwhelm, 100% ease. Welcome to my world.

I'm on a mission to do 100 offer audits in 100 days.

Are you ready to be a part of this?

It's time for that sweet cha-ching sound of money in the bank!

Join me & other course creators today 

xx Gosia

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