Moolah Offer Makeover – miniworkshop for online course creators – Profitable Facebook Ads with Gosia Potoczna



Have an online course but it's not selling as you'd like it to?

Sure, a sale here and a sale there, but...
The sales aren't CONSISTENT.
Not enough to make you EXCITED.
Not enough to satisfy your BIG VISION.
Not enough to propel the CHANGE you dream about. 

And also... it shouldn't take so much time & effort to make those sales happen!
You know your course has immense value.
Your clients and students, once they invest with you, can't stop raving about you.

In the meanwhile, on your vision board: 
to double, triple or even 10x your impact & sales. 

You're ready to go big, to scale with ads.
Yet the big question is: HOW?


In 98% of cases, funnels aren't performing well not because of funnel issues... 
The real problem are the offer issues. 

So here's the answer to your big "HOW?":

You need a rejection-proof, objection-proof, wallet-opening OFFER so that your ideal clients can immediately recognize your course as THE SOLUTION they've been so desperately looking for.

This is #1 thing that propels your online course into the sell & scale stage.
Make sense?


Moolah Offer Makeover
the FIRST & ONLY practical persuasion workshop for online course creators

Deploy the power of buyer psychology to turn your online course into a ready-for-ads bestseller

without using any shady tactics that leave you with bad karma

Join me for 90 minutes and I'll help you:
  • address all 5 core areas that make online offers truly irresistible
  • present your course components so that your ideal clients can see its amazing value & feel lucky they've found you
  • use bonuses, pricing and guarantees in a smart, non-sleazy way to increase conversions and bring in more sales
  • ensure that your course offer can successfully compete on the market & get sold using ads so that you can claim back your freedom while scaling your business
It's time to take your online course offer from doubtful Hmmm... to enthusiastic OH YESSS! 
and get ready to welcome more clients!

We'll go live Thursday, March 2nd 2023
9am PDT Los Angeles / 12pmm EDT New York / 5pm UK London

I'm hosting this LIVE 90-minute workshop on Zoom,
there will be training and Q&A.
We start in...
NOTE: Don't join if you're not offering anything online yet (courses, 1:1 services, workshops, etc.)
Can't join live? Lifetime replay access included in your ticket.
A few of the topics I'll cover...
  • Why your course is not the same as your offer
  • The #1 element that makes your offer incomparable so that you become their only choice
  • How to reveal your course price in a wallet-opening, exciting way 
  • A simple method to create urgency in a non-icky, authentic way (it's not only about countdown timers!)
  • How to help your ideal clients feel safe when buying from you
  • The 3 types of bonuses to include in your course... and the ones you need to get rid of if you want more sales

Certified Master Persuader + Facebook Ads Strategist

...and I help online course creators make sales every day by combining Facebook ads with the power of buyer psychology. 

Persuasion is often seen as dark arts.... while I see it as a tool to help you get your message out in a way that speaks directly your ideal clients' hearts... and wallets.

You deserve to get paid well for your expertise.
You deserve to attract more clients in an effortless way.

So I'm here to help you use the light side of the Force ;)

With 20+ years in online marketing, I've worked on multimillion dollar launches, $50/day evergreen campaigns and everything in between... so rest assured I can help you get your offer nailed and ready to make bank with ads.

Today I'm on a mission to fix 100 online offers in 100 days.

Are you ready to be a part of this?

Like Miriam selling her $47 mini-course for the first time with ads:

Or Sian, a seasoned launcher, who g0t more women into her $2,497 flagship course and high-ticket mastermind, at her best conversion rates (from 1% to 2.8%)... even though she had 55% people less joining her challenge:

It's time to ditch all the hypey claims, guilt-driven FOMO and shady, short-term tactics that give you bad karma.
Let's get you an objection-proof, wallet-opening offer that FEELS GOOD TO SELL and SELLS GOOD. 

Can you hear that sweet cha-ching sound of sales coming in?

Click below to save your spot at the Early Bird price and join us live Thursday, March 2nd 2023
NOTE: Don't join if you're not offering anything online yet (courses, 1:1 services, workshops, etc.)
xx Gosia

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